The Difference Between Maintenance, Necessary Improvements And Other Non-Necessary Improvements

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The Difference Between Maintenance, Necessary Improvements and other Non-Necessary Improvements

When making decisions as to work that must be done, or in the opinion of the trustees will be of benefit to the body corporate, it is often confusing to trustees as to how they should proceed.

The following should give clear guidance as to how different matters must be addressed.

MAINTENANCE This is the ordinary day to day maintenance of the scheme which includes the maintenance provided for in the “Ten Year Plan”. The trustees have full authority and decision-making powers on these matters.

NECESSARY IMPROVEMENTS The name says it all. This is not maintenance, but improvements that are reasonably necessary. This may include improvements regarding security, etc. It is important that the trustees must be able to make a case that the improvements are necessary. The process for necessary improvements is:

• The trustees must give written notice to all owners of the intention to implement such improvements and must provide the following information:
     * The estimated costs
     * Details of how the body corporate intends to meet these costs (body corporate funds or special levies)
     * A motivation for the proposal, including drawings, etc.

• The proposal may only be implemented after at least 30 days, after written notice had been given, on condition that no member has requested a general meeting, in writing, to discuss the proposal.

• If a written request for a meeting has been received, the trustees must convene a special general meeting, at which time the proposal can be rejected, amended and/or approved. To be approved, a special resolution is required, which means that an ordinary quorum is required, with 75 % of votes, in number and in value of owners present at the meeting, in favour of the resolution.

NON-NECESSARY IMPROVEMENTS This is improvements which may be desirable but cannot be motivated as is reasonably necessary, for instance, sports facilities, etc. Such improvements will require a unanimous decision of owners. A unanimous decision can be obtained in two ways:

• All owners being informed in writing, with all details regarding the project, including the financing, and 100% of owners agreeing in writing to the proposal.

• A Special general meeting being convened with 30 days’ notice. All details must be provided as previously stated. The quorum at such a meeting will be owners being present or represented, whose votes represent at least 80% in number and value. All owners present or represented must unanimously (100% – everyone!) agree to the resolution.


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Home Maintenance Checklist


Every season has its own unique challenges, so there are a few maintenance items that are best accomplished at certain times. A seasonal home maintenance checklist is a simple way to have a home that will be ready for whatever the seasons throw at it.

Winter, is the dry season in Gauteng. This is the time to do the major maintenance projects, which must preferably not be done when the possibility of rain is a problem. This is the best time to fix, seal and paint roofs, do paving and repair cracked cement areas. This is also the time to repair swimming pools and do other major paint projects on the outside of the buildings. Plan building projects for the winter. Clean gutters after most of the leaves have fallen off.

Spring is the time to make sure that the winter weather hasn’t caused cracking and peeling. Service your air-con units and replace the filters. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Enjoy shopping for plants and watching the new life coming to your garden. 

Summer is the time to be outside (when the sun is not shining too fiercely!) and it is not raining. This is the time of the summer rains in Gauteng. Heavy wind and storms can cause damage. Know what risks for flooding there may be, and make sure that debris does not block the free flow of rainwater. Make sure the gutters are clean and can handle a large amount of water. Look out for inside damp, caused by roof leaks or porous walls. If insured damage occurs, report it immediately to the insurance company and prepare your claim. Remember that incidents are covered, NOT maintenance-related damage, or latent defects. Think mosquitoes! Take care of standing water in containers or dripping trays, etc. – everywhere in the garden, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Autumn is the time to get the jump on winter by checking your plumbing, heaters and any gas appliances for leaks or venting problems. Before it gets too cold, take a walk around the exterior and plan maintenance projects for the winter.


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