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Property Management

Home page of the South African Government which provides services like legal documentation relevant to South African institutions, companies and individuals.

provide for the division of buildings into sections and common property and for the acquisition of separate ownership in sections coupled with joint ownership in the common property;

control of certain incidents attaching to separate ownership in sections and joint ownership in common property

the transfer of ownership of sections and the registration of sectional mortgage bonds over, and real rights in, sections

the conferring and registration of rights in, and the disposal of, common property

the establishment of bodies corporate to control common property and for that purpose to apply rules

the establishment of a sectional titles regulation board

to provide for incidental matters

provide for the establishment of bodies corporate to manage and regulate sections and common property in sectional titles schemes and for that purpose to apply rules applicable to such schemes

establish a sectional titles schemes management advisory council

provide for matters connected therewith

Provide an alternative dispute resolution service

Regulate, monitor and quality assure all community schemes governance documentation

Provide training for conciliators, adjudicators and other employees of the CSOS

custodians of, preserve and provide public access (electronically or by other means) to schemes governance documentation

Promote good governance of community schemes

Provide education, information, documentation and other such services as may be required to raise awareness to owners, occupiers, executive committees and other persons or entities who have rights and obligations in community schemes, as regards those rights and obligations

Monitor community schemes governance

Deal with any matters as may be necessary to give effect to the objectives of this CSOS Act.

Regulate, maintain and promote the standard of conduct of estate agents having due regard to the public interest;

Issue Fidelity Fund Certificates to qualifying applicants;

Prescribe the standard of training of estate agents;

Investigate complaints against estate agents and institute disciplinary proceedings against offending estate agents where required; and

Manage and control the Estate Agents Fidelity Fund

  • Home Owner’s Association (HOA).
  • Paddocks

Maintenance & Development

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Gardens & Nature

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