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Jotam management services provide comprehensive specialized services in the community schemes environment. Sectional Title Scheme and Home Owners Association management are our core functions. We can assist with a panel of auditors, legal advisors,  employment experts, etc. 

Our registered estate agents have many years of experience in bringing the right home and new owner together.

Due to our property management function, we have access to a vast number of properties and prospective new home buyers.

For the same reason, we are very successful in rentals and have support systems and screening facilities in place to protect both landlords and tenants. We are connected to TPN Credit Bureau which provides a vast array of support facilities and is indispensable for effective rental recovery.

We are certified Debt Collectors, which is necessary and greatly enhances our processes for arrear levy and rental collections.

We are very effective and our methods have been tested over and over again, with the result that our schemes have the minimum problems with the recovery of arrears.

This is in some instances the greatest and most important aspect of financial management.

Jotam brokers are registered at the FSCA, which enables us to provide the insurance services that our schemes require.

Facilitating claims at the same place as the managing agents is of great benefit to owners.

A very important aspect is the legal requirements regarding insurance, enforced by legislation in terms of community schemes. The types of insurance required are prescribed, and in some aspects unique. Ensuring that the insurance requirements of the legislation are adhered to, where our schemes are concerned, greatly enhances compliance and coordination.