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Covid-19 & Interest Rate Decrease

My intention is to add value in presenting information and knowledge.

I hope that my musings and thoughts on our shared challenges during this time and in our future will resonate with you.

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Covid-19 the Largest Happening in all of Our Communal Lifetimes?

(That is if you are younger than 102 years!)

I should think that everyone has had enough of Covid-19! – as well as news and discussions about it, but that is not the case.

Too many things are happening and there is so much uncertainty that it is still the hot topic of the day. Since middle March 2020, one by one the countries of the world started shutting down. South Africa locked down on 27 March 2020, and at the time of my writing, which is now the end of May, the end is not in sight.

Nobody, not even the expert experts, really know what the outcome and timeframe will be. Each of us is navigating a unique life experience, without even understanding how we can put ourselves in another’s shoes. We just do not have a clue of how it is impacting other people – neither does the government!

In community schemes, there are also different dynamics that affect residents in turn. For instance, in high-rise schemes, sometimes in small units, single people are confined for days on end, without human closeness or personal contact. Where there are many people, or with small children in a confined space, the complexity is unthinkable! So many scenarios play itself out every day, in not only our country but the world.

The fear factor also has a large impact, which brings even more separation between human beings! There are so many rules and so many instances where you can contravene something and even other people’s expectations of how you must act or perform.

That our lives have been upended is certain, and to add to the anguish and misery, some comforts are not allowed. The desperation of addictions, suddenly negated and discounted, are a challenge those without those addictions, probably will not understand. What the effects are on captive family members, can only be imagined! (except by those living it!)

This is not easy, and what is in the future can only be guessed at. It is difficult to deal with other people’s issues, while you are battling your own. The picture is dark. Exactly because of that, this is a time where any support and compassion we can afford anybody, may be lifesaving.

Because of how hard things are, I believe that out of this will come may things that will change our lives forever. Most of us will become germaphobes and may for the rest of our lives be VERY aware of hygiene and germs! The pathogen danger my cause us to become pathological pathetic! (just playing with words, please do not take it seriously!)

However, I believe that society will also change for the better. Suffering and difficulty build character and strength. If we do not become casualties, there are many things we will never again take for granted. We will learn gratitude and appreciation. Hopefully, we will learn compassion and empathy. We will enjoy good things with a lot more intensity and enthusiasm. We will forever know that things can change in an instant, and your life with it – without you being able to do anything about it.

Hopefully, we will learn patience and hopefully, we will learn to stand on our own two feet, finding new ways of doing things and solving problems. Hopefully, our society will come out this better and not broken. Perhaps during this time and after, we will have learned not to judge those that have a different journey than our own.

May we become sensitive, but strong and wise.

When we are at the end of our rope, hopefully, our faith will stand the test of the journey, and if we waiver, hopefully, we will search until we find out what life is actually about.

I do believe that life will not be taken for granted and neither will blessings in future.

When we cannot depend on ourselves and others, we cannot serve a god of our own making as it will be the same as depending on ourselves. We will need a God that is real and powerful and love us enough that even if he does not take away the problem, will go with us through it, loving us back to healing, strength, and restoration.

Be kind and good to yourself and to others! One thing is sure, we are not alone on this journey! That in itself is something that binds us together!

Repo rate slashed by over 40% - here's how much you'll save


The South African Reserve Bank has effectively slashed its repo rate by just over 42% within the first five months of this year, largely in response to the Covid-19 economic turmoil.

That’s the word from independent economist Mike Schüssler, following the bank announcing a 50 basis point repo rate reduction on 21 May. The latest cut takes the rate to an almost 47-year low of 3.75% and the prime lending rate of commercial banks to 7.25%

BetterBond chief executive officer, Carl Coetzee said, “In this regard, record-low interest rates will bring certain relief in terms of easing cash flow and could be the key for many first-time homebuyers to setting foot on the property ladder.”

“In addition to the three that preceded it, this latest rate cut will aid the economic recovery of our national economy as South Africa slowly starts to emerge from the lockdown.”

Bond repayments have decreased significantly since the beginning of the year.  Here’s how much you’ll save.


Sources:  MoneywebBusinessTech

How do BUYERS view your home?


Your home may be in good condition and well built, yet clutter will create the perception of chaos, confusion, and disorder.  When buyers see clutter, they may assume that your home has been neglected, with more to fix than meets the eye. This perception could undermine your home’s market value.

Call or text Minari Nell today on 082 856 6321 to receive your free report entitled ‘7 Steps to Declutter Your Home for Sale’.

Home Staging

Home staging has become the norm in the US.  In South Africa, the upper end of the property market is fast catching onto the trend. A quick Google search reveals there are already many top home stagers to choose from just in the Cape Town area.

“An empty house never makes for good online viewing.  It’s like looking at an empty dinner plate – boring,” says Liesa Jossel. Equally off-putting is a chaotic home with toys all over the place, fridge magnets covering the fridge, and papers piled up on the desk. A home stager starts their work by thinking about how to make the listing photos ‘wow’ so that the property gets the maximum clicks and enquiries in those first weeks when the listing is hot.

A good home stager working with an empty home brings in attractive furniture, art, plants, and other accessories to showcase its potential, highlight its strengths, address any weaknesses, and make the home cohesive. With occupied homes, they restyle each area to give it purpose and good traffic flow, and make it welcoming and inviting.

Selling a home is fraught with emotions for the owner, who may be an empty-nester, moving to a new city, or getting divorced… The last thing a seller wants to hear is what needs to be done to present the property to the market. Home staging can take away that pain.

Read the full article here.

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