Established in 1998

Jotam Management Services specializes in the management of Sectional Title Schemes and Home Owners Associations. We provide further supporting services such as Property Sales and Rentals, Building Insurance, Dept Collection, basic electricity and water management, and anything we can add from time to time, to provide a one-stop service.  

Since the enterprise came into being during February 1998 it grew with the times and challenges, steadily increasing its footprint and the extent of its services to where it has become known for its wide experience and knowledge. Problem-solving is one of our major strengths and we have been able to deal with issues, where solutions seemed impossible.

Our VISION and GOAL as a medium-sized management agency is and never was intended to build a large, inert organization, where clients were treated as if they all had the same requirements. Our intention was to fill a niche where a special relationship with each scheme, owner, landlord, tenant, and client, could be developed and nurtured to where their specific needs could be addressed.


Other Services

Further resources includes:

    • Extraordinary experience.
    • A panel of auditors, legal advisors and employment experts.
    • An in-house debt collecting department.
    • As well as insurance brokerage.
    • Also a real estate sales and rentals department.

Our Creed

  • We respect the intrinsic value of human beings, precious and created in the image of their maker.
  • We understand our responsibilities with the involvement of our client’s home, investment and finances.
  • We believe in absolutes, that there is a right and wrong and to stand in commitment to what is right.
  • By upholding the golden rule standard “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT DONE UNTO YOURSELF” we try to measure our actions accordingly.
  • We do not lie or use bad language and we are not bribed, neither do we bribe.
  • We are not perfect, as nobody is, but we will at all times endeavor to rectify a mistake as soon as possible.
  • We believe in fair compensation and do not commit to having the cheapest prices, therefore, do not strive for growth or size, but for a speciality, niche market where our abilities are respected and appreciated for the value it can add to complicated, challenging management issues.
  • We also do not chase maximum profit, we commit to invest in infrastructure, security, training and the best staff we can employ.
  • We believe in excellence and will at times strive to give the best we can, giving even more than required.
  • Our staff is valuable and committed to our vision.
  • We will not abuse, belittle or insult the public, our customers or our colleagues, and neither will we accept unfair, aggressive insulting behavior by not returning it but confronting it.
  • We will stay professional and committed to our task through thick and thin, aware that our work may well have eternal value.  

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